Why MyTLD to Apply for ICANN TLD: Strategy Consulting, Planning, Application-Writing, Launch, Management

MyTLD services starts with a complete complimentary one-on-one evaluation of your needs. Our candid, systematic, results-focused approach will save you money, make you money, and provide the foundation for a stable and healthy top-level domain.

MyTLD provides a full range of top-level domain management services to take clients from initial idea through strategy development; all aspects concerning application development and submission to ICANN; through pre-launch, launch and; ongoing management and monitoring of all domain-related products and services. In our entire approach we go beyond the traditional functionality of domain name registrations, to create innovative services complimentary to your specific type of TLD, and that match your existing business model, mission and values.

MYTLD is an ICANN gTLD TLD Expert Management & Consulting Services Company for every type of TLDs:

  • .Brand (dotBrand) extension for Companies with a branded trademark name e.g .AUDI
  • Generic - For generic, open extensions of popular keywords e.g .WEB
  • Community - For clearly-defined and delineated communities e.g .JEWISH
  • City / Regional - For cities or regions e.g .TOKYO
  • Country-code - for countries and territories new ccTLD or ccTLD redelegation needs.

MyTLD's leadership team composed of serial entrepreneur Constantine Roussos and ex-ICANN director Tina Dam. The expert duo of Constantine and Tina are considered authorities in their field, with complementary skills, specialized knowledge, expertise, reputation and relationships in the ICANN and technology space as well as a decade of hands-on experience in the Internet and domain infrastructure space.

MyTLD is an expert top-level domain (TLD) Management and Consulting Services Team that is specialist in launching and managing new gTLDs. It is the only new TLD management team of its kind, with 12 years of hands-on ICANN executive experience, a track history of successful TLD launches, and the most successful pre-launch community-based TLD under the .MUSIC Initiative.

MyTLD is the only new trusted TLD management team that currently consults as advisor to ICANN. MyTLD has unparalleled experience and track-record in regards to ICANN policy-making and launching top-level domains, including Internationalized top-level domains. .MUSIC is one of our initiatives and with it we have participated at ICANN extensively over the last decade and have been active proponents to several monumental ICANN resolutions. These include vertical integration between registries and registrars to increase competition and innovation in the domain name space.

MyTLD’s diverse team balances a blend of strategy, ICANN know-how, technical aptitude, Search Engine and Social Media adeptness, TLD expertise and creative thinking with a proven track record of implementation, execution and innovation.

Our value-added proposition is our team’s collective in-depth knowledge, ICANN relationships and ability to execute with great efficiency, bringing not only technological innovation, but also a host of benefits and new opportunities to a TLD clinets market, such as the Music Community, to expand its bottom line, brand equity as well as to sustain a leadership position as recognized market innovators.

MyTLD holds expert knowledge in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization. From earning top positions for highly competitive terms such as "music" in the Google or Bing search results to creating the most popular social profiles, MyTLD has a proven track record of success by delivering results where it matters in a socially responsible way.

Below is an overview of the primary accomplishments of our team. You can also see bio’s of the MYTLD Executive Team in About Us

ICANN Accomplishments 

ICANN Accomplishments include Tina Dam's leadership role as ICANN Chief gTLD Registry Liaison & IDN Director, assisting  the community in gTLD policy development, writing and has implemented these; processing and launching new top-level domains; managing the gTLD agreements with ICANN including gTLD requests for changes in their registry services; and the ICANN IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process Program for countries and territories which initially included the Russian Federation, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates along with many others.

Being responsible for all ICANN's IDN related projects the past 8 years Tina is considered the industry authority for Internationalized Domain Names.

Tina has been featured in various online and offline media, including the CNN, BBC, CBS, CNET, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Associated Press,  Al-Jazeera, Inc, Techcrunch, Mashable, PC Mag, Computer World, ZDnet and other major media.

Tina is a frequent speaker at Internet and DNS Industry events. Conferences include: ICANN meetings, Business Access meetings, and Regional Gatherings; Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC) events; Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD) events; Latin American and Caribbean TLD Association (LACTLD); DNS Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) Meetings; Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Meetings; Domain Round Tables events; and many more.

Tina has developed IDN focused videos and provided presentations and tutorials for the U.S Department of Commerce, law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, universities, and all ICANN supporting organizations and advisory committees, such as Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO), Country-Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO), Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) and the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC).


MyTLD has extensive knowledge of DNS Registries since we have worked closely with all the major providers and understand each Registry's services and strengths. Selecting a DNS Registry is a major component of TLD success and MyTLD can help select the most optimal provider depending on the TLDs needs and type. It is critical to understand that all major DNS registry providers (e.g Verisign, Afilias, Neustar, AusRegistry etc.) have different core competencies, advantages but also disadvantages depending on the strategy and need of the new TLD.


MyTLD strength is its immediate access to a global domain name distribution channel of registrars, who sell domains direct to consumers as well as registry back-end providers to power new gTLDs. Working for various registrars we have the experience of launching almost all ccTLDs and gTLDs that are available today. We can set up a TLD's channel distribution system for new TLD applicants through ICANN-accredited registrars; or launch a new registrar for your usage.

Innovative Accomplishments 

The MyTLD team has been described by major media outlets as "pioneers, architects and innovators" in regards to new TLDs.

MyTLD has built proprietary patent-pending technology to create differentiation and a distinct competitive advantage for new TLDs.

The .MUSIC (dotMusic) Initiative led by the MyTLD team has received more community participation than all existing and pre-existing TLDs combined. Widely-regarded as experts in the field of ICANN Community TLD Applications and IDNs, the MyTLD Team has also presented and spoken at all major ICANN-related conferences as well as events.

Our social media and branding expertise is highlighted through our 3-year communication outreach camaign for .MUSIC. Our social media campaigns have led to over 5 million supporters across all our social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace) as well as amassed over 1.5 million emails supporting the .MUSIC Initiative. Not only has the .MUSIC Initiative been the most successful pre-launch TLD to date on the Internet, the Initiative has received the most media mentions, including most major publications. Our community-based TLD policies to benefit the Music Industry have also been mentioned in the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, World Trademark Review and Billboard Magazine, a first for any TLD applicant. 

Constantine Roussos and .MUSIC have been featured in the front page of the Washington Post ("Constantine Roussos, .MUSIC / dotMusic, Washington Post") and also has written for the Billboard magazine ("How .MUSIC / dotMusic will save the Music Industry". The Los Angeles Times article on ICANN and new TLDs (".MUSIC / dotMusic, ICANN to let Thousands of Domains Bloom") highlights how the MyTLD-led .MUSIC TLD will create a legitimate Music Industry Standard for the Music Community. In response to the Music Industry's concerns over piracy and malicious conduct, Constantine has also been labeled as a "Pioneer" in the World Trademark Review, where MyTLD showcased some of the .MUSIC policies to prevent piracy, trademark infringement and malicious conduct, including the proprietary Community Member Organization (CMO) verification methodology that ensures that the .MUSIC TLD launch will be successful, responsible and secure.

Constantine has also given presentations and spoken at prestigious universities as well as music and tech industry panels around the world, including Harvard Business School, USC, UCLA, NYU, Georgetown University, Pepperdine University, ICANN, Social Media Week, CMJ, Future of Music Coalition Summit, Popkomm, Digital Music Forum, Dot-Nxt, and San Francisco Music Tech. Constantine has also received numerous awards, including “Top Business Plan” at USC’s Entrepreneur Program as well as being selected to present at Harvard Business School as a Top Business Strategy for .MUSIC.

Click here to read about how Constantine and Tina help new ICANN TLD applicants succeed with their gTLD. We support you in all categories of new TLD, being a .brand and company focused TLD; a community focused TLD; generic and generally open TLD; a country-code TLD for delegation or re-delegation. Either of these categories of TLDs can of course be internationalized TLDs expressed in literally any language of your need.