DNS Backend Registry Technology Provider Solution for ICANN New Top Level Domains (TLDs)

MyTLD is an Industry leader in Internet infrastructure and Domain Name System (DNS) space with extensive experience, expertise, and a proven track-record in setting the most optimal registry backend solution to fit the demanding needs of a new TLD.

The MyTLD Domain Name System (DNS) backend registry solution is top-tier, fully comprehensive and is globally accessible. It is a world-class solution that ensures 100% uptime domain name connectivity, reliability, security and stability. All of these are critical elements to a TLD's success. ICANN requirements for new TLDs demand emphasis on guaranteeing technical stability and security.

The MyTLD backend registry DNS technology provides a suite of capabilities and competencies that are critical to TLD operational success, flexibility and efficient management.

Core competencies and advantages include:

  • Global accessibility within minutes of domain registration.
  • Wide range of flexibile solutions to customize TLD and accomodate strategic objectives
  • Scalability and economies of scale
  • Standard-based, EPP registry platform that enhances reliability, stability and security
  • Advanced security against malicious conduct and domain name abuse
  • Globally distributed and diversified DNS system that provides 100% domain availability
  • Access to 90% of world's registrar distribution channel and resellers
  • Compliant with ICANN registry requirements
  • Supports Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)
  • Supports DNSSEC
  • Supports IPv6

MyTLD is also a provider of advanced search-optimized TLD optimized solutions that can be integrated with the registry to create a powerful value proposition, differentiation and a sustainable, competitive advantage that makes a difference that truly matters that positively impacts the TLD's market leadership position and bottom line.


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