Why Launch a New Top-Level Domain (TLD) & IDN gTLDs?

TLD Advantages and Benefits

By owning a piece of the Internet landscape, you can utilize the DNS in ways not imagined before to re-define, enhance and renovate your business model, distribution channels and company's strategic positioning, including:

  • New Market Opportunities
  • New Business Models
  • Distributor and Affiliate Channel Efficiencies
  • Brand Expansion through Vertical Integration
  • Economies of Scale
  • Economies of Scope
  • Brand Protection
  • Enhanced Security
  • Reputation Management
  • Building Trust & Loyalty
  • Increasing Conversions & Sales
  • Building Brand Loyalty
  • Leveraging Network Effect by Re-shaping Communities
  • Altering User Behavior & Emotional Connection
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Local Search Optimization (LSO)
  • Reducing Search Marketing Costs
  • Owning a Piece of the Internet that Represents your Identity and What You Do
  • Creating a Barrier to Entry for Competitors
  • Increasing the Value of your Company

Soon organizations can get their own TLD specific for their business, brand or purpose. According to eMarketer, 99% of online retailers currently use Facebook pages to promote their brands, despite having lower conversions and spending a significant amount of time and money driving customers away from their official websites. New TLDs can complement a brand’s social media and branding strategies and create a new business opportunities.

Book giant merchant Barnes 'n Nobles invested millions of dollars to buy the domain books.com to promote their brand. A .BOOKS TLD would be a more effective alternative at a fraction of the cost and could be leveraged by launching thousands of targeted .BOOKS domains (e.g www.business.books or www.history.books) and positioned to achieve higher conversions, financial returns and exposure in search results as well as social media campaigns.

Bank of America invested $3 million dollars to buy the domain Loans.com to promote their brand. A .LOANS extension would be a more cost effective value proposition with long-term benefits. Bank of America can leverage the .LOANS extension by launching domain names such as www.home.loans or www.business.loans.

Given the array of business opportunities and possibilities for innovation, new TLDs will be more valuable than premium .COM domains that have been sold for millions of dollars in domain auctions. These include: Insure.com ($16,000,000), Sex.com ($14,000,000), Fund.com ($9,999,950), Porn.com ($9,500,000), Business.com ($7,500,000), Diamonds.com ($7,500,000), Beer.com ($7,000,000), Casino.com ($5,500,000), Slots.com ($5,500,000), AsSeenOnTV.com ($5,100,000), Korea.com ($5,000,000), SEO.com ($5,000,000), Clothes.com ($4,900,000), FreePorn.com ($4,000,000), YP.com ($3,850,000), Shop.com ( $3,500,000), Software.com ($3,200,000), Candy.com ($3,000,000), CreditCheck.com ($3,000,000) and others.

The benefits of using new TLDs for branding are that businesses could own an entire TLD space and have an unlimited selection of website domain names to market their brand. These websites will clearly communicate the brand for significantly less than the price of a high traffic, premium .COM domain that you can buy in aftermarket auctions. A TLD can also be used for product branding. For example, BMW can leverage http://X5.bmw that communicates both its product and its brand. Furthermore, a TLD could be used for Social Media branding. For example, CNN can leverage http://t.CNN/123 as its Twitter URL Shortener that communicates its brand with every tweet on Twitter as opposed to using http://t.co/123.

The traditional monetization method of a TLD is opening it up for the public to register domain names. In addition to domain names registrations, millions of dollars could be generated by auctioning thousands of premium domains that you select under your TLD. Owning your own TLD translates to complete control of the policies surrounding it as well as who can register what domain name, for what purpose and for what price.

The Domain Name System (DNS) of new TLDs can also be leveraged to bring innovation and complement new applications and technologies. For example, by adding verification to domain owners, a .PAY extension could provide a more secure online payment system. The same could apply to a .BANK for banking services and a .MAIL for email or mail services. Organizations such as eBay could also sell unique addresses to sellers under their own .BRAND extension: .EBAY. For example, the seller "JohnSmith" can have his own unique eBay branded domain name in http://johnsmith.ebay. eBay can also choose to leverage premium domains such as http://sell.ebay or even incorporate new advertising channels and innovative business models on premium theme-based domains such as books.ebay.

New income can be derived beyond the traditional second-level domain name registrations. If you own a category such as .book, you can leverage the myTLD Platform patent-pending technology to organize your TLD and monetize via direct-to-browser navigation or search engine rankings.

Why choose MyTLD to help you launch a new TLD or IDN? Company expertise, complementary team of highly-experienced consultants with track record of success in Domain Names, launching gTLDs and IDN ccTLDs (country-code Top-Level Domains), feasibility analysis, business plan writing, strategy execution, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media (SMO) and Branding.