How ICANN's New gTLD Auctions can serve Public Interest and Promote Competition, Innovation and Diversity

How ICANN can implement Auction Rules that are consistent with its Bylaws, their non-for profit status and the Objectives of the new gTLD Program to promote competition, diversity, innovation and consumer choice. ... Full story

ICANN Digital Archery Service for new gTLD Applicants: Secure First Batch Position in ICANN's Secondary Timestamp Competition

MyTLD, a .MUSIC Company, is offering Digital Archery Services Solution (DASS) for new generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) applicants to secure a first batch position for their applications in ICANN's secondary timestamp competition. ... Full story

ICANN gTLD TAS Account - New TLD Application Services - Writing - Submission - Management

MyTLD, a .MUSIC Company, has added a new product offering to complement its new gTLD Application Services. Prospective applicants that have missed the 29th of March, 2012 deadline to apply for a TAS account that would enable them to submit a gTLD application can now receive the following bundled services and products from MyTLD: (i) gTLD application writing and submission (ii) TAS account for the gTLD application (iii) Newly formed company corresponding to the TAS account ... Full story

Role of influencers and media in ICANN’s TLD global awareness campaign: How ICANN can create a strong value proposition with new Top-Level Domain extensions to benefit the Internet

What is the role of influencers and the media in ICANN’s TLD global awareness campaign? How ICANN can create a strong value proposition with new TLD extensions to benefit Internet users? ... Full story

ICANN, the New gTLD Program, and Our Responsibility for the Internet

Together we have a responsibility to make the introduction of new gTLDs a positive experience for Internet users. We need to avoid letting the first round of new gTLDs, starting early 2012, be filled with lawsuits, auctions, and general bad behavior. This is no way to instill trust and confidence in Internet users today and the next generation to come. What can we do to make this radical and historic change of the Internet go well... ... Full story

Los Angeles Times: Business Front-Page Article on Constantine Roussos, the value of .MUSIC (dotMusic) community TLD and ICANN new gTLD Launch

Constantine Roussos of MyTLD was featured on the front page of the Los Angeles Times business section. He discusses the benefits of .MUSIC and how creating an Industry Standard for official music websites representing verified artists, music companies and industry will increase trust, security and authentic engagement with music consumers leading to legitimate sales. ... Full story

Free IDN TLD Training for ICANN IDN Top-Level Domain Name Applicants

MyTLD announces free IDN training sessions for IDN TLD applicants in need. ... Full story

How to Make IDN gTLDs Attractive & Safe in ICANN's New Internationalized Domain Name TLD Program

The primary focus of this article post / blog is to illustrate that the ICANN new gTLD Applicant Guidebook is not supplying sufficient protection ... Full story

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