IDN TLDs - Launch an Internationalized gTLD or ccTLD

IDNs were introduced under existing TLDs (e.g. .com, .info, .de, .cn, and so forth) in early 2000.

IDNs are now made available at the top-level of a domain via:

  • the ICANN IDN ccTLD Fast Track Program (for country and territory names), and
  • the opening of the ICANN program for introduction of new gTLDs (for generic terms).


IDN TLDs brings a range of new opportunities for Internet users around the world. On the top of the list is the simple fact that webaddresses now can be fully expressed in languages from around the world, that previously was not available, e.g. Arabic, Chinese, various Indian languages, Russian, and many more.

ICANN new ccTLD gTLD internationalized domain name IDN MYTLD

IDNs functions in a different manner than the domain names in ASCII. IDNs also bring additional requirements both from a technical and policy standpoint.

MyTLD's Tina Dam was previously in charge of all ICANN IDN related projects, including: IDN Guidelines, IDN ccTLD Fast Track Program, IDN components of the new gTLD Program, as well as contributor to the IDNA protocol revision in the IETF.

With high expertise in both strategy and execution of all IDN matters, MyTLD offers assistance for your IDN gTLD, IDN ccTLD, or IDN second level registration matters. We can assist you in many areas concerning you interest in IDN TLDs, including:

  • Internationalized TLD string selection.
  • TLD string selection verification: usefulness for applicable language community; fulfilling technical requirements; and does not result in disruptive security issues for the Internet.
  • Development of IDN registration policies wrt: language and local customs; compliance with all applicable requirements, including the ICANN IDN Guidelines.
  • Implementation of the IDNA protocol in your IDN TLD.
  • Development of the specific IDN components of your TLD application to support IDN registrations at second or top level, gTLD and ccTLDs.
  • Training your team in IDN functionality, usability, all policy and technical requirements, and general user aspects.



For more information on launching an Internationalized TLD (country or generic) please contact Tina Dam at:

MyTLD's Tina Dam's interview with CNN and Richard Quest while she was the ICANN Director for launching the Internationalized Domain Name ccTLD Fast Track Program: