MyTLD Team Helps New TLD Applicants

MyTLD provides Top-Level Domain (TLD) Management Services for Brands, Industries, and Companies looking to leverage the Top-Level-Domain (TLD) opportunity to create a sustainable, competitive advantage for their business. 

MyTLD is a results-driven team of TLD experts with an unmatched, verifiable, proven-track record in the domain, search and social media space. We can manage your entire TLD application, operations, and TLD Registry so you can focus on what matters most: Business. 

By owning a piece of the Internet landscape, we can help you create market differentiation, unleash innovation and open up doors of new opportunities. By utilizing the DNS in ways not imagined before, MyTLD can help you upgrade your business models, distribution channels, and your company's strategic positioning, including: 

-  New Market Opportunities
-  New Business Models
-  Distributor and Affiliate Channel Efficiencies
-  Brand Expansion through Vertical Integration
-  Economies of Scale
-  Economies of Scope
-  Brand Protection
-  Enhanced Security
-  Reputation Management
-  Building Trust & Loyalty
-  Increasing Conversions & Sales
-  Building Brand Loyalty
-  Leveraging Network Effect by Reshaping Communities
-  Altering User Behavior & Emotional Connection
-  Social Media Optimization (SMO)
-  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
-  Local Search Optimization (LSO)
-  Reducing Search Marketing Costs
-  Owning a Piece of the Internet that Represents Your Identity & What You Do
-  Creating a Barrier to Entry for Competitors
-  Increasing the Value of Your Company 

MyTLD provides a full range of top-level domain management services to take clients from initial idea through strategy development; all aspects of application development and submission to ICANN; through pre-launch and launch and; ongoing management and monitoring of domain-related products and services: 

- TLD pre-launch strategy
- TLD launch management
- TLD post launch and ongoing administration
- ICANN application writing
- New TLD policy development
- Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) Consulting
- Competitive and comparative analysis
- Feasibility analysis
- Business plan consulting
- Business model analysis
- Innovation solutions analysis and recommendations
- Branding
- Search engine optimization
- Social media optimization
- Application support
- Sunrise period for trademarks

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