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Constantine Roussos (MyTLD) - TLD Expert and Consultant

Constantine Roussos, a Harvard Business School OPM graduate, domain strategist and search engine/social media optimization expert, is the co-founder of, a gTLD management and consulting company that specializes in launching and managing new ICANN Top-Level Domain (TLD) names, Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) TLD platforms for Fortune 500 brands, Companies Governments and Industries.

Constantine Roussos has long been on the forefront of emerging technologies within the entertainment, SEO and Internet industry. He is the pioneer and architect behind .MUSIC (dotMusic), the community-based top-level domain name and industry standard for official music websites. Constantine paved the way for the post-dotCOM era and the next-generation of the Internet, by building a home to everything related to music. For the first time, the music industry will have its own exclusive address that gives music entities a unique identity online. Not only does a specialized .MUSIC web address enhance a brand's visibility online, it also ensures that it is associated with a memorable, self-explanatory and trusted badge representing the music community.

By utilizing the root of the Internet Domain Name System (DNS), the .MUSIC Top-Level Domain brings consistency, organization and centralization in the music industry as well as ensures trust, credibility, and consumer safety by verifying that the rightful, legitimate music entities own their domain name so that monies flow to the pockets of the artists not unlicensed websites.

Constantine has been actively involved in the music and internet industry for over decade. He has been a super-affiliate of brands that include Sony Music, BMG Music, Apple, Amazon, Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Napster, Rhapsody and Guitar Center. He has also engineered and produced music records with artists such as Katie Quinlan, Some Change from Us, A Pigeon's Rhythm, A Family of Snail and David Silverman. Constantine Roussos is also an avid musician and singer-songwriter [Official artist link: Constantine Roussos Music Site (].

Constantine earned a bachelor degree in Business and a minor in music industry at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He continued his education at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, becoming a certified music sound engineer. He continued his education at Pepperdine University in Malibu where he earned his MBA. His last educational journey was graduating from Harvard Business School's (HBS) prestigious Owner-President Management (OPM) program. Constantine is an active Harvard Business School alumnus.

He has given presentations and spoken at prestigious universities as well as music and tech industry panels around the world, including ICANN, Harvard Business School, USC, UCLA, NYU, Georgetown University, Pepperdine University, Social Media Week, Internet Week, NARM / A2IM Business Crash Course, CMJ, Future of Music Coalition Summit, Popkomm, SoundCTRL and San Francisco Music Tech. He has also received numerous awards, including “Top Business Plan” at USC’s Entrepreneur Program. Constantine was also voted as a top business plan (OPM Idol) selection in 2009 and top strategy selection in 2011 at Harvard Business School. He has also been featured in major publications including the Los Angeles Times, World Trademark Review, Billboard, Washington Post and many others.

Constantine also is the founder and editor of, an online marketing, branding and web development company, with clients such as UFC champion Chuck Liddell. He is considered an authority in search engine and social media optimization experts and has given presentations and spoken at numerous SEO and Social Media Industry events. His track-record in Online Marketing include creating the most popular Myspace profile with 4.3 million friends, amassing thousands of followers across Twitter and Facebook as well as obtaining top-search engine results for highly-competitive terms such as “music.”

Constantine has also been an active ICANN community participant in regards to the launch of new top-level domains, Internationalized Domain Names and ICANN-policy-making. He is considered the ICANN expert in the area of “TLD Community Applications” and has spoken on panels and other speaking engagements that include ICANN, Studenkreis, Dot NXT Conference and the upcoming New Domains Conference in Munich on new TLDs.

His core competence strenghts include Community TLDs, Branding, Strategy and Feasibility, Business Plan writing and is widely-regarded as an authority in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and Branding.


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