MyTLD Executive Team: Constantine Roussos & Tina Dam

MyTLD is a .MUSIC™ Company

Constantine Roussos (MyTLD) - TLD Expert and Consultant




 Constantine Roussos - Co-Founder

Constantine Roussos, a Harvard Business School OPM graduate, domain strategist and search engine/social   media optimization expert, has long been on the forefront of emerging technologies in both the music and Internet Industry. He is the pioneer and architect behind .MUSIC (dotMusic), the community-based top-level domain name and industry standard for official music websites.

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Core Strengths: Community, Biz Plan, Strategy, Social Media, SEO, Brand & Industry TLDs, Entertainment, Entrepreneurial .
Key Track Record:
.MUSIC Community Initiative: 1.5 million signatures & 5m social media supporters – the most successful pre-launch TLD campaign to date for any ICANN TLD with Industry participation.
Los Angeles Times, World Trademark Review, Billboard, Washington Post & more.


Tina Dam (MyTLD) - TLD Expert and ICANN Consultant

Tina Dam - Co-Founder

Tina Dam, an Internet/DNS veteran and ex-ICANN Director, is a leading expert and authority in Internationalized Domain Names and the Domain Name System in the Internet industry. Tina also serves as COO of .MUSIC (dotMusic), the exclusive community top-level domain for the global music industry, and as Advisor to ICANN. Tina has been on the forefront of Internet technology and the domain industry for over a decade. Tina's leadership played a vital role in transforming Internet into a truly global platform by launching IDN TLDs in different languages and scripts.

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Core Strengths: ICANN, Strategy, Policy, Execution, Brand/Industry TLD, Management, Govt, Relationships.
Key Track Record:
36 IDN TLD Implementation & Launch,ICANN Director, technical, policy, marketing launch of all existing gTLDs and ccTLDs, DNS technical expertise.

CNN,BBC, CBS,CNET, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, AlJazeera, Washington Post & more.


MyTLD Media Press Publications on New ICANN TLD Domain Names - CNN, Wall Street Journal, BBC,  Associated Press, CBS, CNET, World Trademark Review, Los Angeles Times / LA Times, Washington Post, Billboard